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Planet develop brands that raise awareness, influence buying decisions, create price premiums and build loyalty.

We always strive to add that something extra to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Planet Media Work   Warmaway



Warmaway gained a 37%
increase in website leads thanks to Planet Media

Family-owned Yorkshire based heating specialists Warmaway know that business is about survival of
the fittest. In 2010 the adopted the tested business adage; adapt or die.

With the energy industry in a constant state of flux, Warmaway widened their offer to add sustainable fuel installations to their portfolio.  However, with so many solar companies springing up in the past two years, and having been gas specialists for the previous 40 years, Warmaway required a point of difference that would make them stand out in a crowded market.


Planet worked closely with Warmaway to prepare a marketing strategy that positions the newly developed sustainables division as the only Yorkshire-based renewable energy specialists to have a heritage and back-story. With many customers now being second-generation clients, Planet emphasized and enhanced this powerful emotional connection.

Creating a consistent brand that worked across
all mediums  - including the relaunched website – ensured a bright future for Warmaway, with a 37% increase in new leads generated from their website.