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Planet Media Work   Vivimed



We helped increased Vivimed’s website traffic by 48% in 4 months

Global chemical and pharmaceutical Vivimed are a company with burning ambition. Through their model of growth through acquisition, Vivmed quickly established a customer base in 50 countries, with manufacturing bases spread across three continents. 

Their problem was related to their growth; a sequence of acquisitions had lead to a disparate identity with  no sense of “brand family” or hierarchy amongst their global subsidiaries. Quite simply, the group  had little visibility

Planet’s mission? To devise a strategy that unified these separate elements under the Vivimed umbrella. 


And as a global brand, the world wide web simply had to reflect this unity. Seamlessly integrating with their in-house marketing department, Planet relaunched the tired Vivimed brand, and made their website the jewel in the company’s crown.

We delivered a brand that not only drove sales short-term, but provided a framework for long term growth. Since the launch of the new website, analytics have proven Planet increased traffic by 48% compared to their previous website. It engages customers, and provided Vivimed
the voice they deserve.