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Icon Office gained a 17% increase in new leads for their Tube Station range

Icon Office’s small and friendly team sometimes belied their drive and determination to become a major player on the office installations stage. Their innovative tube station range was designed with the needs of a modern office – such a workstation sharing and department realigns – in mind.

Whilst Icon had big plans, they were missing out on the big contracts the quality of their work deserved. Although their small size gave them the advantage of speed and flexibility, customer perception was holding them back. Clearly, a brand realignment – combining the best aspects of the small and big – was required, and quickly.


Listening to the company's strategic objectives and having thrashed out a clear brief between us, Planet redesigned all their sales brochures to give Icon a more professional image than most of their competitors resulting in many more sales enquires.

In the space of weeks, doors that were previously closed, were opened. A 37% year-on-year uplift in brochure requests following the redesign led to a 17% increase in sales leads for their tube station range. Thanks to Planet, Icon Office had joined the big boys.