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Planet develop brands that raise awareness, influence buying decisions, create price premiums and build loyalty.

We always strive to add that something extra to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Planet Media Work   Esprit FA



We helped Esprit Football Academy maximise their sales enquires

Esprit’s vision was clear: to establish a world-class football academy in the UK, offering scholars the chance to live the dream and become professional footballers. With the same exacting standards as a premier league academy, Esprit would put UK soccer coaching on the map.

As you’d expect, world-class facilities and coaching doesn’t come cheap. Given the high-ticket, Planet were employed to deliver a brand and supporting materials that commanded a premium price, and make sure the inaugural year started with a bang.

Planet devised a fully integrated brand strategy, social media campaign and search engine optimasation which reflected Esprit’s ambition and specifically identified geographic areas where scholars were most likely to originate. This concentrated, targeted campaign maximized return on investment,
and resulted in a brand that was fit to grace the world stage

The digital response, was immense; nearly 10,000 hits in the first month through the Google Adwords campaign, which generated half a million pounds worth of new leads in the first three months. Esprit were ready to be the future of football.