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KAL Summer Swim Safety Campaign

Kirklees Active Leisure has several swimming pools in Kirklees, so swim safety is a big issue for them. As part of their Water Safety campaign their centres and swimming pools are providing customers with water safety advice and running free summer safety sessions for adults and children. KAL asked us to come up with the designs for this campaign.

Our challenge was that we had to create something that looked eye-catching, but could also convey the serious message of lives being potentially at risk. This wasn’t going to be easy, but in the end we pulled it off.

Using the facts and statistics provided by KAL we were able to create an effective series of billboards, posters and educational leaflets. Each different piece contained a hard-hitting headline like “407 Deaths in Water Related Incidents” and “A Million Primary School children are unaware of the Water Safety Code” (which can be seen in the image above). The image of the duck upside-down in the water was specifically selected to represent the risk of drowning, which tied in with a sticker of the duck safely out of the water that children would receive on completion of their training session.

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