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How to survive a heat wave in the office

We, like most people up and down the country, are currently in the middle of an incredible heat wave. Being designers we sit at our macs pretty much all day and in this weather, as you can imagine, it’s like being sat in an oven!

However we've come up with a few solutions on how to survive a hot day in the office without the luxury of air-con.

1. Use water – Water is great, it keeps you hydrated and you can splash it on your face. Also, if you can get away with it, you can put some cold water in a basin and cool your feet off under the desk.

2. Get a fan, or better yet a USB fan – USB fans are brilliant! They plug into your computer and the have an adjustable neck so you can point them right at your face. Unless of course you’re one of these lucky people who has a big fan for their desk, in that case you’re all set.

3. Get yourself downstairs – As we all know, hot air rises. That means the upper floors of your office will be warmer than the ground floor. Obviously if you work upstairs you’re probably not going to be able to move all your stuff down, so it’s more of a “if you’re lucky enough to work downstairs, good for you”

4. DON’T eat hot food – Avoid hot food, it’s just going to make you even warmer, try eating salads… Or ice cream.

5. Turn off the lights and shut out the sun – Shut the blinds if you can because if you’re sat in the sun it will bake you in no time, and the lights give off heat too so if you can bear working in the dark it might be a good idea.

These tips should hopefully keep you cool in this tremendous heat, and even if they don’t just keep this in mind – at least it’s not raining.