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When Two Tribes Go to War

With a mix of Liverpool and Man U fans in the office – M.D. Colin and Creative Director Paul are season ticket holders at Anfield, whilst senior designer Jamie is a dyed-in-the-wool United fanatic – the M62 derby always leads to plenty of banter and points-scoring both before and after this most keenly anticipated of fixtures.
This year, to up the ante, a small bet was involved. Specifically, the losing supporter would have to don the victors’ shirt all day, and declare their undying love – on camera – to the winning team. Obviously, with so much inter-office pride at stake, no-one wanted to lose this battle!

So, in the Red corner representing Liverpool we have Roper, and in the errrr….other red corner(!) representing Manchester United, we have Jamie!

Nickname: Roper
Planet position: Creative Director
Supports: Liverpool
How long supported: 30 years
Favourite ever player: King Kenny
Best memory: Winning the Champions League for the 5th time.

Who would emerge victorious and with pride in tact? Who would have to swallow their pride and admit the error of their ways? The answer is above!

A certain level of peace has now been restored to the office - at least until the return fixture on January 12, 2013!