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KAL Summer Swim Safety Campaign

Kirklees Active Leisure has several swimming pools in Kirklees, so swim safety is a big issue for them. As part of their Water Safety campaign their centres and swimming pools are providing customers with water safety advice and running free summer safety sessions for adults and children. KAL asked us to come up with the designs for this campaign.

Planet Paddlers

The Planet Media team, our friends, several clients and other members of the Planet Group recently took up rowing for the day in aid of The Oliver Field Appeal.

How to survive a heat wave in the office

We've come up with a few solutions on how to survive a hot day in the office without the luxury of air-con!

Stone Willy

At Planet Media we’ve had the opportunity to work with some great clients. From Supermarkets to Pharmaceutical companies we’ve worked with them all, and recently we’ve had the opportunity to re-brand the up and coming fast food chain Stone Willy’s Pizza.

When Two Tribes Go to War

Here at Planet we’re generally an amiable, peace-loving bunch. Work nights out are frequent and fun, and many a friendship – and even a marriage or two – has been forged within our very walls.

However, all niceties are duly suspended twice a year for an event that is firmly marked on the office calendar: Liverpool v. Man United! 

Windows on the World

After nearly three decades of using their existing logo, Microsoft have recently announced an overhaul for their corporate emblem that will be rolled out to every MS product to create a more unified look in the future.

The Colour of Money

As the new football season kicks off, a familiar question rings out in offices, bars and gyms: “Who will it be this year – reds or blues?”

Social Networking

Social networking is key to marketing these days. Marketing online allows businesses to target their brand with the individual.

Google+ Business Pages

In November of 2011, Google+ launched the business pages feature